Sunday, September 29, 2013

end of September

We had a busy, full week this past week. Lots going on, and I actually took some pictures!
Monday Emily got braces, just on the top. She was nervous and a little scared.  But she did great and will be happy to have beautiful, straight teeth in about 10 years! HAHA.
Both Taylor and Emily are already into orthodontics and it's crazy expensive but so worth it.
Tuesday was a warm day and we decided to take a bike ride after school.  We ended up exploring down by a stream near our house and Emily and Isaac got attacked by hornets!! It was so scary and they were in tons of pain. I made Taylor bike home and get Grandma Shields to come pick us up, because they were sobbing and there was no way they could bike home. It was really a traumatic experience.
 Luckily grandma came and saved us, and they skipped soccer practice while laying on my bed covered in ice, bug spray, toothpaste etc...
Later that night their friends made this cute poster along with some ice cream to help them feel better. 
I am so glad that day is over!

Our SLC library has a pass called the "Community Education Pass"
I checked it out this month and got into all these fun places for free!
So this week we went to:
Red Butte Gardens
Discovery Museum at the Gateway
Natural History Museum
All for free, it was perfect timing because the beginning of the week was warm and gorgeous weather, great to see the gardens. And by the end of the week it was cold and rainy so we went to the museums. Plus the kids had No school on friday so I could bring Emily and a couple of friends. (Taylor was with his friends)
Here's some pictures of our fun week.

Lizzie is obsessed with these tap shoes, they were Emily's and they are 5 sizes too big for her, but she loves them!!!

Monica and her girls came with us to the Gateway museum.
All the kids were in heaven playing and having fun. Isaac and Becca were the cutest mailmen, busy delivering all the mail.

They also loved the Museum of Natural History, it's an amazing museum full of lots of fun to explore.

Saturday morning was Mary's baptism.
We got up early and drove to Lehi and spent the morning at her baptism. She and Emily are already 8, it seems like they were just little babies.
These girls are great friends and we love having cousins live nearby.

After the baptism we met at a park for donuts etc... The kids had fun playing with their cousins and eating donuts.
It was a fun morning, and we are so proud of Mary!
Emily will be getting baptized in exciting!

The weeks just race by- before we know it Christmas will be here!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I haven't been taking any pictures lately, too busy I guess.
But the other night we had a gorgeous double rainbow above our street.  It's been pretty rainy lately, which is great! I love the beautiful rainbow after a summer storm.
Here's Lizzie playschool group.
She is really liking her school and has a lot of fun while she's there!  She is growing up too fast.

We had out ward/neighborhood "Fire and Ice" party!
It was a super fun night, chili and homemade icecream cookoff, the fire truck and live music.
The kids had a blast, and it was a great way to spend a warm fall evening.

Here's our cute neice and cousin, Eden. She is so adorable, we can't wait to meet her!! We really wish Jen and Chandler lived closer to us.  Move to Utah already!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lizzie has a little playschool that she is doing with some of her friends.  They meet once a week to play and do crafts, read books etc.. I hosted this week and we had a lot of fun.  It's a cute group of kids!

I took the younger kids to
"This is the Place" state park. They loved riding the train, seeing the animals and Isaac rode the pony. Lizzie wouldn't ride a pony she was too scared. It was a fun outing.

Every Thursday while Taylor takes Ukelele we play at the nearby park. Lizzie was loving swinging on these swings. She looks so big and grown up now! She is growing up too fast.

Emily likes to stand on top of the play structure and dance. She's very good at climbing things.
I can not believe she is almost 8! How is this happening, I wish I could freeze time right  now and keep all my kids right where they are.

Danny and I went to the James Taylor concert at the Conference Center. It was an awesome concert, we had tons of fun! We didn't take any good pics though. But we love his music, it's mellow and fun to listen to.

Soccer started on Saturday.
We have all three kids in soccer which makes our days crazy and busy!
Good thing it only lasts for 8 weeks!

Issac has been SO excited about playing soccer. He has been asking everyday when his game will be. Isaac is a cute boy and did awesome at his game. He really liked the halftime snacks of oranges.

Emily had a game after Isaac's. She did great too!
It makes for a fun day to see all these soccer games.
Taylor had a game too, but Danny took him and didn't get any  pictures.

It's starting to feel a little like fall.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Danny and Taylor have been working hard on  building a patio cover for our back porch.  It is coming along good, and we are excited to have a nice shady area to eat and hang out in. 

We said "Goodye" to the Reeds on Monday. They left for Ireland until Christmas! We love having them on the street and really miss them while they are gone.
Lizzie especially will miss yelling at Logan and Dallas. 

Lizzie is looking like a big girl now, and really should get potty trained soon.  Taylor took some pictures of her diaper extra full-he thought it was so funny!

Lizzie and Allison have been playing well together lately, they love playing dolls, and hauling all their stuff around. 
They are so funny and adorable to hear interact while playing.

We went to the zoo this week, and Lizzie begged to go on the Merry Go Round. I got her a ticket and put her on and then she freaked out! She cried to get off so we moved to a bench on the ride. I guess she's still not ready for Lagoon or Disneyland.

The zoo was perfect- not very crowded and not too hot!
I love going to the zoo in the Spring and Fall. 

The kids spent the night at Goofy Grandma and Grandpa's house Friday night. Danny and I celebrated our anniversary.
They had a great time seeing a movie and playing with G & G Wall. Thanks for taking them for us!

Danny and I are celebrating our 14th Wedding Anniversary on September 2nd.
It's been a wonderful 14 years. I love being married to him and am grateful to have in my life.

We've been through a lot since we got married we :
Lived in four different states
Had four beautiful children
bought 3 houses
bought one pet, a king snake
had many jobs
taken four amazing trips to Hawaii
traveleved to Europe once
had countless laughs and fun times together.
It's been a fabulous 14 years and I'm looking forward to 14 million more years!!

Happy Anniversary to us!