Sunday, March 29, 2015

We had a good week this past week.
These pictures are out of order.
But Saturday night was the General Women's meeting. Emily and I went and then we all went to dinner after. It was a fun night and it's great to be able to take Emily to these events. She and Mary are always fun to have around. 

Danny was in Beijing, China this week for work. He was able to go see "The Great Wall of China".  He said it was amazing and very interesting to see. He had a good trip to China but we were so happy to have him come home safely!

It's always a party at G&G Shields for family dinners. The kids love playing games, making up plays, and Emily & Mary found some old "bump it's" for their hair. What a good time. 

Lizzie and her friend and a blast on the trampoline this week. They love to dress up and then jump! They're cute little girls! 

Megan & Colton had a new little baby this week. His name is
Jack Woodruff Shields, and he is the cutest little guy! We are so happy for them & are excited to meet him! 

Taylor mastered the Rubix Cube this weekend.  He was all excited about figuring out how to do it. He did it- well done!

We went to the zoo yesterday. The weather was just perfect! The kids all had fun and it's always a treat to go with Danny. 

It's Spring Break this week so we are getting ready for a lot of fun!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

We spent the last week in Carlsbad, CA. We flew to CA on friday and spent a week with Jennifer, Chandler, & Eden. They are so nice and wonderful to let us stay in their beautiful new house.
Thank you so much to them!
We went to the beach everyday.
We spend the days playing in the sand, surfing, boogie boarding, looking at tide pools, running in the waves, taking naps, soaking in the sun, eating and getting really, really sandy.
The kids were so happy at the beach and we all had tons of fun!

Here's a lot of pictures from our week. They are out of order and I can't figure out why, but oh well. 

Lizzie the beach babe! She loved the ocean and was so content playing in the sand and running in the water. 

We got the kids wet suits so they would really get in the water and swim, surf, boogie board etc.. They loved it and were happy to not get too cold while in the water. The weather was nice, and sunny and warm all week!

First time on an airplane for all the kids except Emily. They were super excited and it was really a thrill for them. 

We all adore little Eden and we had a great time playing and laughing with her. She's the cutest one year old! 

We had a stomach bug part of the week, which was no fun. We kept cleaning the house/toys etc.. with clorox wipes to make it go away. 

After spending the day at the beach we headed to the pool in Jenn's subdivision to play. That was fun and a good way to get the sand off of the kids etc.. 

We met up with Mike, and Goofy Grandma & Grandpa at the beach too. It was good to see them.

Endless beach pictures. Taylor and Danny had fun taking the Gopro on the surfboard and taking footage of them surfing etc.. They thought it was cool.
Eden loved the sand, she rolled around in it and thought it was great!

Friday morning we packed up our rental car and headed back to the San Diego airport. It was sad to say goodbye to our wonderful hosts ( who I somehow did not take one picture of Chandler or Jenn)? We will really miss them & Eden. 

On our way to the airport we stopped  and saw the gigantic ships. We saw the "Midway" but didn't have time to take a tour of it. 

We had a wonderful early Spring Break! We love CA and hope to visit again soon. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

This was a fun week, to celebrate Isaac's birthday!
We also had a little Dr. visit for her arm. She fell at the playground at school in the ice, and hurt her arm. I wasn't sure if it was broken or not, so we just went to the Dr. to get an Xray. Turns out it wasn't broken just a sprain. 

Isaac is officially 7 - he was happy to have his bday! He wanted waffles, with berries and nutella for breakfast.
He got new shoes and a microscope for his Bday. The microscope was a huge hit, he loves looking at bugs etc.. with it!
Happy Birthday to him!

Here's some pictures of the bug that he looks at. 

Here's a picture of Lizzie and her friend in their fort! They made this and and played in it. They are such cute little girls. 

Emily had to do a "How To" presentation for school. She chose to make cookies and give the demonstration about making cookies. She made these all by herself. they turned out really well. 

Here's the cookies -she's a cook!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

We had a fun week, celebrating Isaac's 7th birthday!
His real bday is not until March 10th, but we had his big friend party on Friday afternoon.
He wanted a reptile party, so we hired a reptile company to come and show the kids all the cool reptiles!

We invited all of Isaac's friends and cousins to a fun bday party!  These other pics are random pictures from the week. It snowed on Monday!
Emily took a bunch of pictures of her bunny, Joey. 

The best and creepiest snake was this 8 foot boa, names Casey. She was really cool, and most of the kids loved her! Some were a little scared, but most wanted a turn with her around their neck. 

Isaac was thrilled with all of the animals, she brought a lot of snakes, lizards, scorpion, tarantula, etc...The kids listened really well for about a 45 minutes presentation where she told us about each animal. Then they each took turns holding the animals and asking questions etc.. 

After the animals we sang "happy Birthday",  ate cake and opened presents. Then it was time to go home! We had about 16 kids plus friends and other family members so it was a big, fun group. 

Isaac had a really group time this party! He has a lot of really nice friends/cousins.
Happy Birthday cute Isaac!
Now we'll celebrate his real day this week.