Sunday, April 23, 2017

One more picture from Easter
Cutest kid and bunnies around!

Danny took the boys boat shopping . They are looking for a fishing boat!

Taylor got his hard cast on his arm. It's blue and small, which is nice. He'll have it on for 3 weeks. Unfortunately it's not waterproof, which is a hassle but it's ok. 

Isaac had his cub scout cake auction this week. We had a plain simple vanilla cake and I bought the coolest and newest toy, the "Fidget Spinner" to put on top. The boys and all the kids LOVED it! It sold for $70 and Isaac was pleased with it. These spinners are  hugely popular right now! 

Lizzie and a bunch of her friends from dance. They look like a new 'Spice Girls' group. 

Grandpa Shields celebrated his 65th Birthday this week on April 20th. Here are a few good pics of him! 

Lizzie's soccer team is named "Girl Power" They had a great game yesterday and all played well. 

Yay for Spring! We love this season! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Yesterday was Easter Sunday! We had a nice day together remembering our Savior. We went to church, had a relaxing day together. These pictures were from after our Easter Egg hunt in the backyard. The kids wanted to get some pictures with the rabbits for Easter. It was a funny time and we all ended up laughing so hard. 

We took some pictures before church of the kids. They weren't too happy about it. I love these four kids SO much! 

This week was our Spring Break! We had a few fun days at home We went to Jump Around Utah with friends, had a great day at the zoo and then on Wednesday Taylor had a fall on his bike and he broke his arm! He was so sad and super bummed! 

We took Taylor to the Dr. and got X-rays etc.. it was a buckle fracture. He was so sad. We had planned to leave on Thursday for Capitol Reef. So he stayed at home with Danny and I took the other three kids to southern Utah for a few days. We had a blast hiking, swimming and seeing the gorgeous high dessert of southern Utah! 

We went with a group of friends and neighbors from our ward. The weather was perfect and hew had a great time!! 

Monday morning we headed back to the Dr. for Taylor to get his hard cast on his arm. He is feeling a lot better, and will heal in 4-6 weeks.  Back to school today. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring is here, and things are going well. The kids have really been into making goo with glue, borax, shaving cream, water, etc.. This is a messy, fun process. It was a fun activity for us on a rainy day. 

There was a big snow storm one day this week. It snowed a lot for  April, I guess we'll just keep skiing all during the spring! 

We watched the NCAA finals this week. Taylor REALLY wanted Gonzaga to win, he had them winning in his bracket with all of his friends. He was going to win $180 if they won! Unfortunately they lost to North Carolina, it was a disappointing loss, but he'll survive. 

Cute Jane is turning one this week! She is so adorable. I was helping with the Uintah yearbook this week, taking kids pictures form the classroom. It's been a great year for the kids in their classes. 

Friday afternoon we headed to Wheeler Farm to see the baby animals. It was a fun outing and the kids all loved seeing the animals and running around. 

This week is our Spring Break! We are excited for a nice, relaxing, fun week together. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

We went on a Sunday hike last week to explore in the gully behind our house. There's a new trail system that they just made, and so we went down to check it out. We can walk from our house along the creek all the way to the "Wasatch Hollow Park" .
It's a nice path, and fun to be out side even though Taylors face looks like he's in pain. 

Lizzie and I went on an adventure after school one day to see the gorgeous cherry blossoms at the Capital. It was so Beautiful!  The trees are completely full of blossoms and it's so fun to see them all, and walk around the Capital. Lizzie thought it was super fun and so did I!

Isaac had his 3rd grade play this week. It was the musical "Seussical" and it's a collection of Dr. Seuss stories. He was a Turtle and did an awesome job on his lines etc... I was so proud of him!
We had some cousins playdates this week too! 

It was General Conference this past weekend and we went downtown to Temple Square to see the Saturday afternoon session of conference.  It was a sunny, spring day and we were all happy to be together and going to the Conference Center.
This session of conference was excellent and we all learned so much! 

Only 2 more years until Lizzie can join us to go to Conference too. She was home with a babysitter. 

Sunday we lounged around all day watching conference, doing Legos, Taking notes, napping etc... It was great way to spend the weekend! 

Here's my big baby taking a nap in his favorite quilt!