Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Fun!

We had a nice, warm sunny Sunday so the kids were excited to wear their "Spring" church clothes.
Emily is in LOVE with this dress! She has been asking me to wear this dress since she saw it. She spent the whole day twirling, spinning and moving it side, to side. She looked adorable in the dress.
Here is an attempt at a real picture, it is like taking a picture of the wind-they are always moving!!!

What adorable kids we have! Isaac looks sweet and nice in this picture, but don't be decieved. He has been a nightmare since we moved into our new house. He is clingy, whiny, and always has to have his binki and blankey. He used to never care about them, but now he is obsessed with having them in his hands all day! Isaac is just having a hard time getting settled into the new place. He loves having Taylor's trains, cars, monster trucks etc.... to play with, but he will hardly play because he's so grumpy! We love you buddy, but we hope this ends soon.

Yesterday our neighbors and friends had an colored eggs/decorating cookies Easter Party. It was tons of fun, with lots of cookies, candy, eggs, dye, stickers etc... The kids had fun doing their Easter stuff.

Taylor in action, dyeing his eggs all the colors.

Emily eating her cookie, delicious!

What a fun party, can't wait for Easter and Conference this weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What a week!

We have had a great couple of weeks. We have been working so hard to get our house completed, and the "to do" list seemed endless. But we got all moved in last week. There are still lots of things to get done, but we got the dishwasher running yesterday and all the sinks and toilets are installed, so we are good to go!

Here are the kids having breakfast at the new place. The kids were all excited to see their toys, books and beds that have been in storage for the past year.
Isaac loves it, because he gets to sit at the table now, without a high chair or a booster seat. He thinks he is so grown up and big.
Emily was exstatic to see her trunk of dress up clothes. She has been "Cinderella, Belle, or Snow White" all week, and she looks adorable. Soon enough she will grow out of her Princess Stage and then I will be sad.
Taylor was most excited to see his Legos and Lincoln Logs. He loves playing with them as long as Isaac isn't around to knock them down.

We recruited help from Dad, Mom, Mono, Dave, Marcus, Nat, Brett and others to unload the storage unit and move all our stuff. Now we get to unpack, and organize. Thanks to everyone who helped us with moving, we really appreciate all your help.
The house turned out really nice, it looks SO different than it did four months ago, when we bought it. I will post more pics. later.

We had the best week with Mary and Jeffrey visiting last week. This was my car-load last week, while running a few errands. The kids all played really well together and we miss not having Mary and Jeffrey around.

We can't wait until they move back to UT.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I love these pictures of Isaac as he explores the park. He is getting more independent at the park, and almost old enough to navigate his way around all by himself. We are so excited Spring is coming!

Taylor had a performance at school last week. He was really excited about singing and doing a dance about the seasons with his class. He has a fantastic teacher this year and is loving being a 1st grader! He is growing up too quickly!

These are his friends in his class and they are our neighbors too! He has made a lot of great friends since we moved here last year.

Cousin Fun!

We have had such a fun week! Brett came to Utah for work and he brought Jeffrey and Mary with him, which means endless cousin time for the kids.

Emily and Mary have had a blast dressing up, switching clothes and shoes, playing house, building forts, and entertaining Isaac. They have changed outfits at least 5-7 times a day, and always have to feel "beautiful". They are great friends and play together so well. They have hilarious conversations about "wedgies", whether deli turkey meat is from an animal, and constant talk about ballerinas and princesses. They are always holidng hands and are so cute!

Taylor was so disappointed when he realized he was going to school all week, while Jeffrey was visiting. He cried Monday morning and said "I can't go to school, I'll miss 6 1/2 hours of playing with Jeffrey." They have had fun playing hockey, riding scooters, Posted by Picasadoing arts and crafts, and playing with nerf guns. They get along great, and have a terrific time together!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Isaac's 2nd Birthday!

Isaac turned two and we had a great party to celebrate!
He his cake, ice cream, opening presents and blowing out his candles. He kept blowing them out before we sung "Happy Birthday", so we kept lighting them for him.
His hair was getting long and unmanageable, so he got a haircut. He did really well sitting in the chair, and now he looks like such a big boy!

He had fun with the party hats and balloons. He got spoiled with gifts; his own little hockey stick, helicopter, his own soccer ball, playdoh and a train engineer costume. Everyone was so nice to come and see Isaac turn two!

Happy Birthday-Isaac!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Happy Birthday Isaac!

I can't believe it's been two years since you were born. We were so excited and happy to have another boy in the family. You were 8 lbs. 1 oz. and pretty long too. Your name was undecided and so we let big brother Taylor choose the final name out of our list. He loved the name "Isaac" and we think it fits you perfectly.

You still feel like my baby, even though you are talking really well, eat by yourself, play with balls, blocks, trucks, trains etc.. and are on the verge of being potty trained?!

You have grown into a curious, sweet, funny, adorable little boy! You have been a wonderful addition to our family. We all love your cute personality, and find the things you say to funny. Lately your favorite game is "Button, button" which you call "Butt, Butt" and Taylor and Emily will laugh hysterically at you when you say it.

Your smile is contagious as is your big belly laugh. You bring joy and happiness to each member of our family every day. You get really excited about the cutest, simple things; going outside on a walk, reading a book about trucks, seeing a bird, airplane or helicopter in the sky and going to the zoo. You love going to the zoo and start yelling "Zoo, Zoo" when we pull into the parking lot. You have a love for animals just like your dad.

You have been hugged, loved, fought over and annoyed by your older brother and sister. They LOVE having you around (most of the time). They adore you and want you to follow them around and be just like them. You are good at giving hugs and kisses, even open mouthed kisses! You like to lean in and give secrets, or blow in their ears, and then you all giggle.

We love you little buddy! Have a Happy Birthday!

Skiing at Snowbird

We went skiing at Snowbird over the weekend. Taylor has been wanting to go skiing for along time, and we haven't had any time all winter because of the house remodel.
It was a beautiful day up the canyon and the snow was perfect!

Taylor did great learning how to ski, he was brave and acted like he know just what to do. He kept asking "When can I go on a black diamond hill?" I just laughed and told him " in a few years!"
This is the lift we spent most of the day riding.

Grandpa Shields and Natalie came with us too! It was a great way to spend a nice Spring day!

Way to go Taylor!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We had a great month of February, here's a little about what's been happening.

Taylor and Emily have been endlessly fighting, so we are trying a new system where they earn "puff balls" and out them in this container when they do nice things for each other. It's working great, and they are happy with their actions. We are going to Califnornia in April and told them they can go to Sea World in April if they can fill this container.

Taylor had a cold last week and came home from school early with an ear ache. His ear drum was close to bursting and so he get to take this for 14 days. He is feeling much better and even likes the flavor fo the antibiotic.

Emily has been having so much fun with her friends. They come over and play, make forts, wear dress ups and giggle. She is getting so grown up and independent.

Isaac loves playing with Taylor's hockey stick and ball. He drags the stick around and tries to hit the ball, over and over. He is in a really fun stage right now. He loves anything to do with sports, trucks, trains and the usual "boy stuff". But when he plays with Emily he wants to wear high heels, try on her headbands and plays tea party, and dolls too.

He is talking so much now and it's exciting to hear him try a new word and then start using it on a daily basis. He likes to follow me around and yell "Go, Mama!' when he wants to go somewhere.

Love that Smile!

We have been busy working on our house and getting the remodel completed. I end up at Home Depot or Lowe's several times a week, sometimes several times in one day. This time we had Becca with us, and no one wanted to miss out on the car cart. So I crammed them all into the car cart while I bought light switch covers and looked a mirrors, lights, etc.. They are so funny together. Isaac always tortures Becca and she is so nice to him.

The house is coming along well, carpet is being installed today, and we should move in a couple weeks!

This is the face I see everyday after his snack of Nutella on a bagel. He loves Nutella as much as me, and manages to make a huge mess!
We can't wait for Spring!