Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun at Gateway Museum


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We have had so much fun going to the Gateway Museum lately. The kids got a pass from Goofy Grandma & Goofy Grandpa and it is the perferct place to go on cold, winter days. We love all the activities, games, costumes, etc...

Taylor's "Show and Teach"

Taylor did his "Show and Teach" in school today. Instead of "Show and Tell", the kids bring something and teach the class about what they brought.
Taylor chose to bring "Mr. King" his gray banded king snake, and teach all the class about snakes. It was a huge hit with all the kids in his class. He taught about what snakes eat, where they live, how big they get etc...
Then all the kids took turns holding "Mr. King", he was very popular and it was fun to see all the excitement from the kids.

Taylor made this poster to show during his presentation. He drew pictures and diagrams of snakes, mice etc.. It was really cute to see Tay teaching the class, and he did a fabulous job!

I really do not like reptiles, but Mr. King is such easy pet. He makes no noise, doesn't smell, and only needs to eat a few times a month.-so everyone is happy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby to Toddler over night!

I have been feeling a little sad this week about Isaac approaching his 2nd birthday!
I love this stage-He wakes us happy and smily in the morning, he eats by himself and gets his own diapers, he's getting more independent, he's talking and communicating so much better, he sleeeps 12 hours at night and takes a long nap in the afternoon,and he's full of energy, smiles and has tons of tricks.
BUT he is turning into a stubborn, trouble making little guy. How could this happen to my little baby? I realize he is not a baby, but he still seems like one to me. Just in the last week he has started picking fights with Taylor and Emily, thrown several fits about minor day to day things like putting on his coat, and has been so mean to his adorable cousin. He used to give her hugs and kisses and now he shoves her and walks the other way. I guess it's time to start time-outs, and real discipline.
It happens too quickly, baby to toddler over night!

We love you Isaac, but we do miss you when you were little, sweet and adorable!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our life in Jan.

Isaac LOVES to eat hummus, it's a favorite snack of his. He usually eats it with carrots or crackers but the other day he was dipping a ripe banana in the hummus over and over. He likes to have the whole tub of hummus right in front of him. He is talking a lot more and saying all sorts of words; "Yes, grandpa, water, "Uno" (when we play cards). He is such a fun little guy, we love every bit of him!
Lately, the weather has been smoggy, freezing and depressing. The kids have had lots of fun playing with their Marble Set, buildng forts and riding bikes for 10-20 minutes at a time. It's hard to get their energy out playing inside all day, so sometimes we just bundle up and go walking in the cold, go sledding, and try to stay warm.

Here are a few pictures from our new house. These pics. are scary, but we are making good progress on completing the remodel. it is taking ALL of our extra time; every night after work and all day on Saturdays, but it's going to be so nice when it is done. THANKS to everyone who is helping us with this huge task, we really appreciate all your time and energy!
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Celebrating January Birthdays!

Happy Birthday!
We celebrated all the January Birthdays with a big B-day dinner tonight!

We sang Happy Birthday to Grandma Shields, Natalie, Marcus, Teresa and Jeffrey.

We all enjoyed a yummy dinner and a triple chocolate cake!

Happy Birthday to all!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Having a Tea Party

Emily got a tea set for Christmas and has been forcing Isaac to have at least one tea party with her every day. He is so cute and acts like he knows what is going on, and she gets to boss him around. Today we had Becca at our tea party and they were hilarious. Emily laid out all the dishes and helped them pour water in their cups and get snacks on their plates. Becca accidentally spilled her water and Isaac gulped his down and then said "More", all while holding onto his cute football. Emily was patient and kind to them and helped clean up the mess and repoured their beverage. She is such a great hostess in her ballerina outfit, and fairy wings!
What a cute bunch of kids!
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sledding at Little Mountain

We went sledding up Emigration Canyon this weekend at Little Mountain. It's our favorite sledding spot, because you get dropped off at the top of the canyon and then sled down the mountain (almost a mile long), cross the highway and end up at the bottom. You get back into the warm car and do it all again. No walking required!! It's a steep, bumpy ride, so usually little kids are scared. But Taylor has been begging us to take him, so we decided to try it. Usually I just take the kids sledding at the park, or over at the hill at the church.

Aunt Nat came with us and she was kind enough to take Emily on her sled.
Emily was unusally brave and LOVED sledding! She went down the mellow half a couple of times, and then decided she was ready to try the whole mountain. She tried to change her mind, but I had already driven away, so down she went! We were proud of her and happy that she had fun getting white washed in the face, (being in front of the sled is a cold, icy spot).

Danny and Taylor were having a blast! Taylor went with Danny a few times and then decided he wanted to go on his own sled. He went down super fast, andreally out of control! I don't think he realized he was being dangerous and reckless, and could have really gotten hurt, but he has a fantastic afternoon in the snow!

Isaac was such a good sport, he didn't even get out of his car seat the whole time. We just kept driving up and down the canyon for a few hours. He kept entertained with books, cars and unlimited drinks and snacks! He is such a funny guy and constantly keeps us entertained.
We can't wait for the next snow storm so we can go sledding in some fresh, new powder!