Sunday, November 24, 2013

We had a free morning this week so I invited a couple friends and we went to the gateway Museum with the younger kids.  Isaac and his friend Ollie loved the Helicopter, and the hospital. 

Lizzie and her friend Nellie, loved driving in the car and playing in playhouse and grocery store. It was the perfect way to spend a cold morning.

They begged me to let them try the hurricane simlator. Lizzie was too scared to get inside, but these kids thought it was fabulous.

We had a fun day with cousins at our house too. These kids are so funny together. This day Isaac and Becca played board games, and Lizzie and Allison played house. Then they all had a dance party to Christmas music!

We made a gratitude tree for FHE this week. The kids had fun decorating our tree and writing their blessings on the leaves.
Then in primary at church they made gratitude turkeys, complete with feathers etc...
I got a change of calling today at church and am in the Primary Presidency now as the 2nd counselor.
I am excited to be in Primary with my kids and happy to serve with the other ladies called.

Danny took Taylor and Emily to a U of U basketball game last night. They saw Monica and Dave there, sounded like it was a fun game!

Here's Elizabeth playing at school with her friends. She must wear a skirt over her pants ( or a princess dres) every single day. It's a cute phase but sometimes annoying.
We are looking forward to Thanksgiving this week!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lizzie is always making us laugh.
One night this week she came to me and said "I want my robot, I want my robot."
I had no idea what she was talking about until she showed me her robe haning in her closet.  She was thrilled when I helped her put on her "Robot".
We all love this little crazy, wild, talkative, adorable two year old Lizzie!!

This week was full of the normal routines and schedules.
Danny and I had went to dinner Friday night while Taylor babysat. We go about 7:30 or 8:00 after Lizzie and Isaac are in bed.  We had several restuarants near our house, and Taylor likes being in charge for a while. It's always great to go to dinner and catch up with Danny, sometimes we rarely even talk at home! There's too many kids needing our time and attention.
Saturday the kids had their Primary Program Practice and then we went to City Creek Mall to shop and check out the mall.
The kids have never been there, and they had fun.
We are shopping for a new ipad, ours is slowly dying, its several years old. Then we took the kids to the dollar theater and saw
Despicable Me 2. It's a funny movie and a great activity on a cold, rainy day.

Bathtime is Lizzie's favorite time! Especially when she get a bubble bath.

Elizabeth and her Pre school friends. She looks forward to school every week, and loves going!

We are really looking forward to Thanksgiving and the holiday season!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Danny and Taylor had great tickets for the Jazz game last week. They say on the 10th row and had a full dinner, snacks etc... They had sucha fabulous time!!

We got to spend more time with little Eden at Goofy Grandpa's house. She is so sweet, the kids love holding her!

We woke up to this much snow on Monday morning. Luckily it all melted this week.

Here's Lizzie's play school group. They are a funny group of kids.

Taylor had his first court of honor this week.  He looks so grown in his Boy Scout Shirt.

Here's a random picture from this summer that made me smile.

This was a gorgeous sunset last night out our back door.

So far November has been great!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Emily's baptism

We were able to meet our adorable new niece Eden June this week.  She is so precious and sweet.  Lizzie was happy to see her and the rest of the kids love her.  I loved holding her and snuggling her too.  We really wish Jen and Chandler lived closer so we could see her more!

Emily was baptized on Saturday-it was a wonderful day for our family! She looked so pretty in her  baptsim dress.  She has been excited for this day for along time, and it was a fabulous day! 


She looked so happy and cute both before and after her baptism!

Emily had many friends, neighbors and family members who came to support her a ther baptism. 

 It was a wonderful day for Emily. We are so proud of her and grateful of her decision to be baptized. 
Thanks to all our family and friends who came to support her!

Halloween week!

This week was jam packed with Halloween events.  When did Halloween get so busy!
Sunday the weather was warm and beautiful so we carved our pumpkins while Lizzie was napping, the kids had fun.

Tuesday Lizzie and Isaac had friends over to play. These friends are moving onto our street this week so we are really excited! (They are brother and sister) and they get along with my kids so well. 
Wednesday I hosted Lizzie's playschool class.  The kids had fun decorating pumpkins with stickers etc.. and dancing to our spooky Halloween music. Lizzie really looks forward to her school, and has a great time with her friends.

We also had an awesome Halloween Party at G & G Shields house for Halloween. Everyone wore costumes and we had a yummy dinner.  Then we played bingo, did the donut game and had a glow stick dance party.  It was a lot of fun!

All the kids love trying to eat their donuts off the string without using their hands.  They were all covered in frosting, but thought it was a blast!

Thursday was Halloween! We had a busy morning; Isaac had a program at school, followed by the school parade, and then I helped in Isaac's classroom for his Halloween party. It was a lot of fun, and I loved seeing all of Isaac's friends from school. They are a great group of kids.  

After school we were busy getting ready for our neighborhood Halloween dinner/party. As well as getting dressed warm enough for Trick or Treating!
Here are the kids costumes this year:
Lizzie- Bumble Bee
Isaac - Cobra Snake
Emily- witch
Taylor - the color blue
They were all so excited about Halloween night, and couldn't wait for it all to begin.
Taylor loved his costume because he was wearing shorts and a hoodie (which is what he wears every single day). We pained his hair blue and he thought it was perfect!

After taking some pictures we went next door and had soup, bread, cookies, salads etc... with all our neighbors and friends. 

Here's some pictures of the kids with their friends.
All the kids had adorable and very creative costumes.

Halloween is such a fun holiday!
Hapy Halloween.