Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here are a few pictures from our new house. This is the master bedroom.

 We are still unpacking, and getting things settled.  We have been here one month tomorrow, and it seems like it's our home already.  The kids love the new place, and it has been a very easy move for them; same schools, great neighbors and same friends.  We feel very blessed and so happy!

Here is the living room.

Dining room, we just need to get a table/chairs. 

Kitchen, forgot to switch rotate the picture.

This is currently Isaac's room, but it will be the new baby's room.

Hopefully we will not be moving for a lot time.
Home sweet home! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

This is Isaac as a new baby, he was so sweet!

We have had a busy month getting situated in our new house. We LOVE the new house; more room, tons of storage, fantastic neighbors and friends, and T & E both walk to school! On top of unpacking and getting settled we've been thinking a lot about this new little baby due in only 6 weeks!

Yesterday we had a long discussion about names with the kids. They all have their favorite names, Isaac likes "Michael" for a boy or a girl. It got me thinking that there are so many wonderful things about having a new baby in the family. But at the same time it's a BIG adjustment for everyone. This pregnancy has gone by quickly and I feel bad not thinking and pondering about this baby as much as with the other 3, but life is just more busy. I know we have plenty of love and attention to give to the new baby, and can't wait to meet him or her, and see what their personality is like, and what he or she looks like! Let the "nesting" begin, first we have to get Isaac moved out of the "baby" spot in the family!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Somebody had a rough night!

Isaac woke up with blood all over his face and bed.  Apparently he had a bloody nose in the night, he was scared when he saw his face, blanket and pillow covered in blood.  Luckily Danny snapped this photo before he took a bath, too funny! 

I have no other pics. to post.  We had a successful move, thanks to everyone that helped move, and to G&G Wall for taking the kids for a sleepover.  Taylor, Emily and Isaac had tons of fun staying at their house, and Danny and I got SO much done while they were gone.  Plus we even celebrated New Year's Eve by going to dinner and to see "True Grit". 

The last 12 days have been so busy packing, cleaning, painting, renting our duplex, unpacking and getting organized.  We LOVE our new house and everyone is really happy! 

I got a new camera for Christmas and haven't even used it yet.  I will get it out of the box and take some pics of the new place.

Happy New Years!