Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lizzie loves to take pictures of herself on my phone. Look at that blue tongue!

We had a great week last week.
The first part of the week was busy with Taylor's basketball camp, swimming , chores, etc...
Then on Wednesday Danny and I headed to New Orleans!
Danny had a work conference there, and I decided to go and have fun with him.
Neither of us had been to the city before and we had a fabulous few days exploring the city! 

It was a new experience for us, the heat & humidity- but we loved it!  We stayed in a fun, nice hotel, which is here his conference was. He would go to meetings in the morning while I had free time, it was so luxurious! We'd meet up for lunch, and then I'd go to the pool while he had meetings in the afternoon.
At night we'd stroll around the streets taking in the sights, sounds, smells and delicious food of New Orleans!
It was very entertaining to walk along Bourbon Street and people watch, there were all kinds on that street. 

We tried all sorts of tasty food, gumbo, jambalaya, seafood, beignets. banana foster, Cuban Sandwiches, Muffuletta sandwiches etc... it was all tasty.  The fanciest restaurant we went to was called GW Finn's. It was delicious and fun to try new food. I got crab and Danny got a new type of fish. 

We had fun walking throught the streets and hearing all the street performers playing. We heard Jazz. blues, Country Western etc.. Some of the people were really talented and it was fun to see them perform. 

It was a wonderful, fun, relaxing few days. Thank you so much to G & G Shields and Aunt Mono for keeping care of our kids while we were gone!!!

Here's a few more pictures of Lizzie and Taylor doing his "Superman" off the high dive at the pool. 

We can't wait to see Cute jack this week at Lake Powell! He's growing up too fast!
We Love Summer!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

We had another really great week of summer!
Taylor and Emily went on a few hikes with Danny up Millcreek Canyon. They hiked the SL Overlook and another hike too. This is my favorite picture from their hikes. 

We've been spending A LOT of time at the pool.
Isaac and Lizzie have swimming lessons every morning and then we went back and swam all afternoon 3 or 4 days last week.
It's the best way to spend a hot day and everyone is so happy at the pool. It;s a lot of fun too because several of our friends and neighbors have memberships at this pool as well, so we can see all of them when we swim. 

More pics from their hiking adventures. The mountains are so green and gorgeous right now. 

We Lizzie falls asleep in the car,
She is really into arts & crafts still and loves to paint
Emily being goofy with her hair and sunglasses. 

Thursday Danny and Taylor went to the ward Youth Conference. Monica and the brilliant idea to head to the moutains to get out of the heat. We went up to Silver Lake and spent and beautiful afternoon/evening up Big Cottonwood Canyon.
The scenery there is so stunning and picturesque. 

We walked around the lake, climbed boulders, saw lots of animals  etc..
Then we had a yummy picnic dinner and the kids chased squirrels all around for a while. 

It was a perfect outing and we all had tons of fun! 

Here's Lizzie learning how to dive. She is becoming a great swimmer! She loves the water and would go swimming every single day if we let her.
I am so proud of her and Isaac for all the progress they've made swimming. 

Danny & Taylor spent three days in Zions. They all camped at the Ponderosa right outside of Zions and they had a blast! It was a really fun youth conference and everyone had fun.

They hiked the Narrows one day in Zions and said it was a perfect hike. I am glad they had fun, but we missed them and were so happy when they returned home safely. 

We had a good Father's Day spoiling Danny. He got a big breakfast before church, lots of cards, treats and other gifts.
He is an incredible Father to our children and we all adore him!!
Happy Fathers day Danny!

Cousins dressing up after dinner. 

These boys had an intense game of parcheesi 
Happy Fathers Day!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

This was the first week of summer! It started off with a bang, and was full of lots of fun!
Isaac and Lizzie had swimming lessons everyday so that kept us busy. They are learning a lot and improving their swimming skills.

We joined a nearby pool for the summer, and are looking forward to spending lots of hot afternoons soaking in the pool. 

We met up with cousins and friends at a Draper pool on Tuesday. This is a really big, fun pool and we swam for hours all afternoon. After swimming we switched kids and had a cousin sleepover that night. 

Spencer and Milly came and slept at our house, Taylor and Emily went and stayed at Brett and Teresa's house.
It was a fun and the kids all loved it!

These cute girls had so much fun dressing up and parading all around the neighborhood in their gowns and tiaras. They live in a princess filled imaginary land and it was cute to see them play. 

The older kids went to a cool new bike trail with Teresa, while we walked up to the store to get snow cones. 

Then we went on a hike in the Glen; played in the stream and threw rocks etc... 

These two boys were in heaven playing at the Glen, it was perfect place to dig in the dirt and get wet in the stream. 

The rest of the week we spent  good amount of time at the pool. Lizzie mastered the diving board and went off about 25 - 30 times in one afternoon! She loved it! Isaac, Emily and Taylor had fun on the high dive and wanted me to film them going off the board in slow motion on my phone.

Swimming is the best way to spend a hot afternoon. Everyone loves it, and comes home really tired after! 

We're really missing Colton, Megan & jack, luckily they send me a lot of photos of him so I can see his cute little face!
Taylor went biking with some friends.

Saturday after chores, etc.. we headed up Millcreek Canyon to cool off and have fun.
We went up early and fished, played games and went for a little hike. 

We roasted hot dogs, and smores over the fire and enjoyed every bite! 
Summer is the best! 


Sunday, June 7, 2015

We had a really busy, fun and crazy last week of school.  It was full of activities and programs at the school. On Monday Taylor and his friends performed at the school talent show.
They played
"Let It Be" by the Beatles.  They did an awesome job and had a lot of fun too! They are named the
"Bow Tie Boys" now. Great job Taylor.

Taylor had 6th grade graduation Wedneday night. It was a nice program with a song, slideshow and a good time to celebrate the kids graduation from 6th grade. Taylor said when he grown up he wants to be a professional skier.

We had a friend/neighborhood breakfast for the last day of school. The kids love getting together, its lot of fun!

Taylor had his last soccer game too. This has been a good team and he's had a successful season. 

The other days we had field day, I went and helped the kids with fun games and activities at the school.
Then they had their Fun Run too.
They all ran hard and got hot and tired.

More last day of school pics, and posters made for their teachers. 

More 6th grade graduation pics. 

Taylor has a really good group of friends and they had an awesome teacher this year!
It's sad to see him leaving Uintah. I love having all three kid at the same school.  But he's excited about Junior High. 

Lizzie had a fun in the sprinklers with her friends.
Joey, the bunny, had an ear infection. Danny took him to the vet one night and had a three hour wait to see the vet.  He's on antibiotics now and he'll be just fine. 

The kids spoiled Danny with cards and gifts last week for his birthday! 

More talent show pics. 

We went to the shiver shack for the first time last week. It's always a fabuous outing!

Summer is here and we are so excited!