Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lizzie loves Nutella just as much as the rest of the family!  She makes a huge mess, but it's worth it to see her so happy with lunch.

She likes to walk around as she eats now, instead of sitting in her high chair.

Elizabeth finally has hair long enough to do piggy tails.  She looks so cute and grown up with her hair like this. 

The kids had some friends the Webbs over, and made a baking soda bomb.  It was a fun afternoon.

Our neighbors and friends, The Reed Family came home from Ireland last week.  Emily has been in heaven playing nonstop with her friend Sophie. 

Here's Lizzie's Justin Bieber Look. Her hair is so funny!

We've been going to Seven Peaks to cool off-the kids love it there and it's a great way to spend a hot afternoon. 

These are questions about Fathers that the kids made in Primary for Father's Day!  Their responses were so sweet and pretty funny!

It's been a great week, we love summertime!

Monday, June 18, 2012

We bought a little kiddie pool for the kids to play in, and Lizzie loves it!  She steps right in and splashes, dunks and drinks the water.  It's fun to watch!

She is serious about her meals now, she likes to hold utensils and wants to eat it all by herself.  Her meals are really messy, and but it's cute to watch her be so independent. 

Most nights for dinner we eat outside on the patio, this makes clean up easy.  I just hose off the patio, and put Lizzie right in the bath!

Taylor and I went to Cub Scout Day Camp this week.  We had a fun day with our den.  We got filthy dirty, and were tired, but it was an adventure!

Elizabeth loves fruit, especially watermelon!

Aunt Katie was here visiting over the weekend.  We had fun seeing her, Isaac attacked her with lots of hugs!  We miss her and wish she and Adam lived closer. 

Natalie was at Nationals for track last week in North Carolina.  She is an amazing runner and took 2nd place in the two mile and 5th in the one mile!  We had so much fun watching her and cheering her on! 

We are so proud of her and all that she has accomplished in the past three years!  She is now going to BYU to run Track/Cross Country!

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day!  The kids had fun spoiling Danny and helping him all day.  We are so grateful for Danny in our family! He is a wonderful father, husband and works so hard for us. 
 We love you Danny!

We had a great weekend!  Summer is tons of fun, and we are living every single day!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Last Monday was super hot so we ditched school and went to Seven Peaks SLC with Teresa and her kids.  It was so fun-all the kids had a fabulous day!  
These two 6 year old girls are loosing teeth every week!  They look so cute toothless. Emily and Mary both were brave and did  lots of waterslides, they are such good friends. 

Isaac and Spencer also had a great day.  Isaac is so pale next to Spencer, it's hilarious!

Lizzie had a lot of fun, but doesn't like getting splashed in the face.  She got tired after a few hours, but managed to stay happy anyway. 

Here are the kids, well I guess she wasn't happy all the time!
Taylor and Jeffrey were too busy racing on all the water slides to get any pictures taken.  They did all the slides, even the scary tall ones!  It was a fun way to spend a Monday!

On Wednesday Emily had her Kindergarten Graduation.  She had a wonderful year at Uintah, and made a lot of good friends.  Here are the kids we carpool to school with. 

The kids wore these adorable cap and gowns for their graduation ceremony.  She looked too cute and grown up!  Emily is a smart, helpful, friendly, kind girl.  We are so happy to have her in our family!  We can't believe she will be in first grade next year!

Elizabeth is obsessed with dogs, and she loves our neighbor's dog, Elsie.  We had Elsie over to play for a few hours the other day.  Lizzie was in heaven she followed her around the whole time and was laughing.  She makes the cutest doggy noises too.

Emily and her friends were playing with dressups, so Lizzie got a orange fairy costume.  She knew she looked adorable, and all the girls gave her lots of attention about how sweet she looked!  She was so cute walking around the backyard in her costume.

Taylor and his friend, Lilly planted a garden .  They are excited to watch it grow and eat the veggies at the end of the summer. 

Taylor's class went ice skating last week, he had fun trying it for the first time. 

We went to the zoo for dinner and late night members night on Thursday.  We saw the new exhibit with polar bear, grizzly bear, seals etc.. It was a lot of fun, and the kids loved going with Danny.

Taylor and Danny are both learning to play the Ukelele now.  They have a lot of fun sitting on the back porch playing songs and singing too.

We are all excited about summer!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Danny's Bday

Danny's birthday was this week, and we had a fun party to celebrate.  We dinner with John & Monica, grandma Shields, Natalie, and Jennifer was visiting from CA.  It was a fun night.

Danny bought a Ukelele in Maui and Taylor has really been playing it a lot. He got on You Tube and learned how to play " Happy Birthday" for Danny.  It was really sweet and so cute to see him working hard to learn the song.  Taylor is a pretty thoughtful 9 year old boy.

Lizzie really liked Jennifer and Chandler.  She followed them around and they played with her.  Thanks for coming to visit!

Friday was the Uintah Fun Run.  Here is Emily with her friend Megan.  The kids are so ready to be done with school.  I hate how they go to school past Memorial Day!

We got a little pool and the kids have loved cooling off in the front yard.  They were using staws as their snorkels. 

Issac has been staying up late every night and he does not take naps anymore or sleep in.  Which means he is exhuasted and super grumpy!  So tonight I put him to bed at 7:00 and he was fast asleep by 7:05.  He is really cute when he's sleeping!
Ha, he's always cute, he's just a strong willed kid. 
We sure love Isaac!

We have been having ice cream cones a lot of dessert lately, and Lizzie loves them!  She take a come and suckson it until all the ice cream is gone, and then she gobbles up the cone.

It makes her so happy to be messy and really sticky!

Isaac and Lizzie like to get smoothies at Costco.  Lizzie drinks hers so fast she gets a brain freeze, but it doesn't slow her down.  This is a good bribery while we shop.

Here's a few random pictures from the week. 

Having a backyard BBQ.

The girls playing together out front.  Lizzie loves to get pushed around in this car. 

Emily and her friends play on the monkey bars for hours every day.  She has blisters all over her hands from swinging on the metal bars, but she still loves it!  She is a little monkey!
They like to climb on top of the swing set, it makes me so nervous.  I took a quick picture and then told them to get down!

We are ready for summer!