Sunday, January 25, 2015

We spent a wonderful day skiing on Martin Luther King Day at Solitude! The weather was great, there were no crowds and it was fun to ski with the kids. Lizzie stayed home with Grandma Shields and Aunt Monica (thanks so much!).
Taylor is obsessed with skiing and would ski every day if we let him. He's getting really good, and very daring. Emily & Isaac are both really improving. They are great to ski down all green and blue runs on the mountain. I am proud of how well they have learned and how brave they are! 

We took Tay's friend Ryan, unfortunately he got hurt going off a jump and needed stitches on his face. These boys need to be smart and safe, not too crazy! 

We were all tired and worn out by the end of the day. It was a fun way to spend a day off from school. 

Waffles for dinner was a big hit with the kids! 

Lizzie is obsessed with play doh. She will roll, cut and make stuff out of play doh for a couple of hours! It's fun to see what she makes and how creative she is. She still loves dresses and playing dress ups with her friends. 

Cute Isaac at the U of U basketball game!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

January is always a little bit of a let down after all the holidays are over etc... We spent the afternoon at the aquarium last week. It's a fun place to go when it's cold and rainy. 

We all had fun seeing all the animals at the aquarium, and in the touch tanks. We watched a cool 4D movie about sea monsters. It was fun. 

We had a relaxing dinner at G & G Shields house. 

Hannah came to play! She's our favorite one year old. 

Taylor is working on his science project and is testing people about their fear of snakes. It's a cool project. Good thing we have 3 snakes to make this project a success. 

Taylor has been playing a lot of basketball, he bought this new ball. He's excited about it! 

We had family dinner to celebrate the January birthdays. We were missing Marcus, Teresa & Jeffrey - but here's a picture of mom and Nat. Happy Birthday to them!
We're so happy tomorrow is holiday, and there is no school! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Our second week of Christmas break was full of lots of fun. We went sledding again, skiing two times, played with friends and cousins, went to jump around Utah again, and had a fun dinner out with cousins.  Emily was ecstatic about her spaghetti and meatballs, she loves meatballs!

Dillon Forsythe returned home from his mission in Mexico this week. He looks awesome and it was a lot of fun going to the airport to welcome him home! 

We went to a fun Baby Shower this week or Megan and her new baby boy. She and Colton will be having their baby in March. It was fun night seeing friends and family, eating cookies and looking and Megan's cute tummy.

We had a new cousin born this week! We are so excited.
Mike & Erin welcomed their beautiful daughter;
Skylar Elizabeth Wall.
She is gorgeous, sweet and precious! We are really looking forward to meeting her.
Congratulations to Mike and Erin! 

Taylor is all excited because Danny hung his hammock in his bedroom. He reads and hangs out in it. We'll see if he sleeps good in it too. Lizzie insists on wearing tank tops, even though it's freezing cold! 

New Year's was fun, we went to see "Big Hero 6" at the theater. Then we went to dinner at "Hon Hong" it's a delicious, authentic Chinese restaurant near our house.
We loved the food, but it was a little too spicy that night, we all drank so much water because our mouths and lips were on fire!
After we headed home for a glass of sparking cider, then played games until we got too tired. It was great night! 

Lizzie liked the sparkling cider and got really tired around 9pm. 

Isaac is thrilled he's staying up late! 

Emily is always cooperative for pictures.

Typical 11 year old smile. 

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a wonderful year in 2015.