Sunday, April 29, 2012

We had Isaac's play school at our house last week, here are the girls in his group. They are a cute bunch of kids and we have lots of fun with them at our house. 

Isaacs funny quote of the week was (while putting on his sandals) 
"These shoes keep getting smaller and smaller."
Also he gives the best/strongest hugs.  He hugs with his entire body and mostly his head.  Lately when he hugs me he asks
"Mom, do my hugs hurt?" and " Can you breath when I hug you?"
I love getting so many strong hugs a day, but sometimes they do hurt!

All the kids love doing arts & crafts, it keeps their attention for a while.  Even Lizzie had fun last week eating glue and sucking on paper, crayons and markers!

We had a busy week/weekend full of lots of fun activities, here are some of the highlights. 

Taylor & Emily had "Art Night" at their school.  All the kids display lots of different art projects, as well as have crafts to do, dinner is served etc..  Here is the only pic I got of Taylor.


We have been spending lots of time outside playing with friends.  The kids favorite activites this week are jumping rope, playing on the swing set, jumping on the trampoline and riding bikes. 
The popular things to play change every week. 

We feel so blessed and fortunate to live in a wonderful, safe neighborhood full of good friends and neighbors!  The kids never want to go anywhere because they don't want to miss out on the fun games on the street!  It's hilarious; sometimes we have to get mad at Taylor and Emily because we want to go somewhere and they whine about leaving their friends.

Taylor had soccer on Saturday.  His team is really improving and they are a lot of fun to watch now!

Lizzie is standing a lot now and taking a few steps by herself.  She loves to stand in dangerous places like in the tub, on the bed, on a hill, or at the shallow end of the pool. She is getting teeth and has been really grumpy this week.
She is so busy lately and always getting into stuff.

Here are a few of her naughty moments from last week. Elizabeth played in the toilet, unrolled all the toilet paper,  emptied the dish soap in her lap and on the kitchen rug, dove into the tub while Isaac was in the bath (fully clothed).  Then another day she was sitting in the bathroom waiting for her bath water to get warm and she went pee twice and then started splashing in it!   I follow her around all day keeping her safe.

Emily's quote of the week is
"Lizzie looks cute, but when you live with her she's not!"
This perfectly describes Lizzie right now, she is adorable, but so busy!  She gets into everything and is always on the move.

On Saturday Danny took Tay & Em shooting up at the shooting range.  They had a fun time shooting little guns.  It was Emily's first time, and she had a great time!

Saturday afternoon/evening we went to watch Natalie race in a track meet at Davis High.  It was so much fun to see her race.  She won the 1 and 2 mile races and then competed in a 4x8 relay at the end of the meet.  She is a phenomenal runner and is still making improvements every time she runs. 
She set a Personal Record in her 1 mile race at 4:54!!!

Here she is getting her medal for one of her races. 
At the end of the entire meet she was awarded the "Best Athlete of the Meet" and got a trophy.  She really had a fantastic meet, and ran great! 

It was a fun way to spend a Saturday evening. 
Way to go Natalie, you are an amazing runner and athlete!!!

We are so proud of her and excited for her future in running.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Here is Isaac all ready for his swimming lesson.  He is making so much improvement in swimming.  Now he gets into the water without crying, he goes under water, does strokes, jumps in and can float.  He looks forward to his weekly class now, and loves wearing this mask or his goggles.  He looks nerdy, but so cute!

Lizzie is still obsessed with dogs, and she loves this dog book.  I just leave it in her room on the floor all the time, because she crawls in there several times in the day and looks though her book.  She pants and barks at all the dogs as she turns the pages. 

It is so cute to watch, and funny to listen to her read her own book.

We had a Cub Scout Cake Auction last week, and we decided to make a pizza cake.  It was fun to make with Taylor, and looked similar to a real pizza.

My big 6 year old girl is really interested in climbing trees this month.  She begs for me to help her get safely in the trees and then she stays up there with her friends.  She is getting so old and grown up.

Lizzie (AKA Queen Elizabeth) gets pulled around in the wagon or strollers by Emily and her friends.  They all started calling her Queen Elizabeth because she acts like she is in charge and they all laugh at her.

It's been gorgeous, warm weather this week, I hope it lasts!

Happy 60th Bday!

My dad has his 60th Birthday on April 20th and we had a Surprise Party for him!  He was very surprised.  My mom, sister Mono and brother Marc did all the planning and preparation, and it was a fantastic party!

There were good friends & family who came, lots of tasty food and everyone had a great time!

They got a bunch of old photos and arranged them into the number 60, as well as had other photos tied to balloons around the house.  Here are a few photos from the night.

Happy Birthday Dad!  We all love you!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

We all love Nutella at our house, and this week we discovered that Elizabeth is no different!  I put her outside with a Nutella sandwich for lumch and she was completely happy!

Now she screams when she sees the bottle of Nutella, we may have created a monster. 

Lizzie loves to jump on the tramp with the older kids.  They made up a game called "Queen Elizabeth".  Lizzie crawls around the tramp, while they all chase her.  She thinks it's so funny and they all laugh too. 

Lizzie is almost 14 months old, but not walking yet.  I am in no hurry for her to walk yet.  She likes to push her toy truck around while she pushes it.  Then when I am not looking she crawls into the street!  She makes a beeline for the street anytime she is in the front yard. 

We got a baby swing on our swing set and she loves to swing.  She crawls over to the swing and grunts and yells until I put her in.  The kids all like to push her, but they push a little too high, sometimes it scares her.  Taylor, Emily & Isaac all adore her and want to "help" her have fun.  It's entertaining to watch and exhausting at the same time.

We are moving right along on our kitchen expansion.  Danny got the bar put on yesterday and we bought some bar stools.  It's so nice to have the open space in the kitchen, and to have more seating.  I am always impressed at Danny and all of his many skills.  He is great at projects like this!  I love him for it!

The kids helped Danny put the stools together, it was busy, crazy yet productive weekend. 
If only Monday didn't come so soon!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break/ Easter

We had Spring Break this week and we had tons of fun spending time together.  We went swimming, played at "Jump Around On It Utah", ran around at the parks, played with friends on the street, watched movies and relaxed!  It was great to have all the kids home together and no schedule to deal with.

Here are a few pictures from the week.

Lizzie is turning into a climber- she climbs on everything!

We had fun getting ready for Easter, dyeing eggs, and having an Easter egg hunt. 

Later that night we had a fire on our firepit and cooked dinner and smores' with our neighbors.  It was such a gorgeous night to spend the evening outside enjoying the warm weather. 

Easter morning started early the kids found their Easter Baskets full of candy, toys and beach towels. 

Cute girls ready for church, all dressed up. 

We had a wonderful Easter celebration! 
We are so grateful for our Saviour Jesus Christ. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Photo shoot

Monica and I wanted to do a photo shoot of these adorable girls for their one-year old birthdays.  We gave them each a cupcake and they went crazy!  They were so happy and serious about their eating!  Here are some cute pictures.

(Thanks Mono for arranging this, and taking all these pics!)

Before we turned them loose with the cake we did a few with clothes on.

I love that wide load shot from behind!

Our neighbor and lifelong friend Ann made these precious smocked dresses, they are so cute on the girls. 

Elizabeth is obsessed with all animals, but especially dogs.  She adores dogs and makes dog noises in her bed at night.

It was a fun adventure trying to get two babies to sit still long enough to snap a picture.

We sure love our Lizzie!!!