Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's a Girl!!!

Elizabeth Anna Wall

Born: Feb. 25th at 9:40am

7 lb. 9 oz. 21 inches long

Mom and baby are home and both doing great! 

More pics. to come soon! We are in love with her already!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big week!

This has been a great week.

We finally got this little guy to move from this crib.... 
 to the this bunk bed!  Isaac finally decided he wanted to move out of his "baby" bed to his "big boy" bed!  He  loves his new bed and has been sleeping great at night, just not so great for naps!  Oh no, what have we done?  I love having him sleep in the basement, where it's dark and quiet.  Hopefully his naps will get better and he will stop playing and start sleeping!
 It's a good thing the crib is available because this baby may be coming sooner than planned!
Today at my Dr's appt. I was told I have preeclampsia, and will probably be induced later this week/weekend!  I will be getting more info from tests tomorrow, and will know more details then. 

After being overdue for three babies I thought for sure I would be over due again!  I was planning on having this baby March 11th or even later. I really feel unprepared- I have been excited, anxious and overwhelmed all day! 

I can not wait to find out whether we will need blue or pink!
The boys in our family are hoping for a boy and Emily and I are hoping for another girl, but we will all be thrilled with a healthy baby!  Names are being debated by everyone.  Over the weekend all the kids decided they want to name it "Banks II" after uncle Mike's dog.  How funny is that?!
 Here's a cute pic. of cousins eating lunch at our house over the weekend.  We had a fun cousin play day while everyone helped Dave/Mono move into their new house.

Doesn't he look grown up?  He's ready to be a big brother!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day at our house if full of Birthday festivities for Taylor.  This year he really got spoiled with parties, gifts, treats and fun. 

His b-day fun started on Saturday we went to lunch with Goofy Grandma & Grandpa at Red Robin.

Taylor and Emily each brought a friend and we left Isaac at home for a nap.  It was a fun lunch with yummy fries. 

Taylor's Basketball team had their last game on Sat.  They were undefeated this season, and had a lot of fun!  Danny enjoyed being their coach, all the boys really made a lot of improvement. 

Then on Valentine's Day, Monday morning we started with his chosen B-day breakfast; Cocoa Puffs!  What a great nutritious and delicious way to start the day.

Tay's class had a fun Valentine's Day party, I went to the classroom to help.  We played Bingo, did relays, made a craft and had a treat.  Then they sang " Happy Birthday" to him and let him wear the goofy B-day hat.  His teacher is so fantastic.  Taylor LOVES being in her class and is learning so much.  Last week they got to go on a field trip to the state capital and meet the Governor!

After school I had a surprise party planned for all the kids on our street.  It was a lot of fun, especially because the weather was nice and warm. 

We played a lot of games, did a treasure hunt, and ate lots of junk food.  Taylor wanted chocolate donuts instead of cake, so I stacked them on a cake stand, but forgot to get a picture before they were devoured!

He got some fun gifts from his friends and was thrilled with the whole party!

Thanks to Mono for helping with Isaac he was sad because it wasn't his party!

Thanks to Grandma Shields for helping out!  It's so great to live near our grandparents!

Here's the party group following the clues in the treasure hunt.  They really had fun on the hunt and were racing all around the street looking for the prize.

After the party we had Tay's choice for dinner; chicken tacos with homemade salsa. Then he opened gifts from the family. We got him scriptures. Then later after FHE Grandpa & Grandma Shields came and took Taylor to the "Barnes & Noble" to choose a book for his B-day and out for ice cream This is a fun tradition they started last year and he loved it! He chooses animal encyclopedia books, he loves to learn facts about all sorts of animals.  He came and was tired but happy- I think he had a fantastic B-day!

It was a fun, but exhausting day!  I was so tired after cleaning up and getting everyone to bed I could hardly walk!  I can't take so many parties in one day. 

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Taylor's Birthday!

 WOW!  How time flies.  I can not believe my first born child is turning 8!  Taylor was the sweetest, more adorable baby.  I was due with Taylor on Feb. 8th, and after being almost a week overdue, decided to be induced.  I really didn't want him to be born on the 14th, but at that point I didn't care when he was born.  He was born at 5:24 am on Valentine's Day 2003.
 We were living in Santa Barabara at that time and he spent a lot of time at the beach.  He was a fat, sturdy baby (my favorite were his man boobs).  He loved to laugh, smile for attention, (especially from his dad) and eat!  He was a great eater as a baby, and still is.  He got fat fast!  What wonderful memories I have from his first year, living with Great Grandma Wall in CA. 

Taylor has many fabulous qualities, but one of my favorite is his desire and enthusiam to try new things.  He is willing and ready to try all sorts of things; riding a horse, learning to fish, skiing, learning to ride a 2 wheeler bike, surfing, kneeboarding etc... 

He also has a thirst for knowledge. Ever since he could talk, he asks tons of questions about how things work, where different animals live, and facts about life.  He loves learning  facts about animals, geography, science etc...  Then he will share these facts, and I am always amazed at how much he knows.  He gets this from Danny, they have can have many long discussions about the moon, snakes &  tadpoles, volvanoes, or tractor trailers.  He loves reading and chooses to read a lot of non-fiction books, because he likes all the facts and history. 

Because Taylor is getting older he is in that "I am too cool to have my picture taken" stage.  Lately it seems any time I can taking pics. of the kids, he chooses to not be in the picture.  But here are a few pics. I managed to get of him during the past year! 

Love that toothless grin!

Taylor is a good friend and a great big brother to Emily and Isaac. He is still very sensitive, and sweet.  He acts tough, but he has a very tender heart.  He is such a special boy, and we are so happy to have him in our family!

We love you little buddy!  Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This has been another busy month. 

I am a cub scout Wolf Den Leader, which means I get to work with Taylor and all his friends in cub scouts.  We have 19 boys in our group, and it's crazy!  Last week we made pizza and talked about good nutrition and the food pyramid. It's a fun calling, and I am really enjoying it.
 Here's a few pics. of the boys. 

Last weekend Mike, Erin and Banks came to visit.  Taylor was SO happy to have a dog to play with .  He wants a dog so bad, and talks about getting one all the time! 

He and Banks played outside for a few hours, both of them so happy to be getting all their energy out!

Look at those smiles!  Banks is a very well behaved Lab, he is obedient, and hardly barks.  Taylor tied his toy onto the swing set to make him jump.  Banks seemed to think it was fun.  Emily and Isaac liked Banks too, I didn't get any pics. of them.  Isaac is a little nervous, he got knocked over by Banks while playing. 

Here's Banks utilizing our "doggy door" on our back door.  He slept in the kitchen and was silent all night. 

Now Taylor is begging for a dog!  We keep telling him "someday we will get a dog".  That day may be sooner than I would like!

On Sunday night we had a Birthday Dinner to celebrate Colton & Taylor's b-days!  We had dinner, dessert and watched the Super Bowl.  Taylor was totally not cooperating for any pictures! 

Colton lifted him up and was holding him down for the pictures, because he would not even look at the camera. 

Here's the kids eating their cake.  What a mess!

Then Monica and I got Colton in a belly hug!  Too funny, our bellies and big and awkward, not so great for any pictures! 
We are on the countdown.  Monica is due in 3 weeks and I am due in 4!  Can't wait to meet these new little babies.