Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Fun!

We have been going to the Hogle Zoo a couple time each week (when the weather is warm). The kids love seeing the animals, riding the train and running around like crazy kids. But their favorite part is playing on the playground at the zoo. There is a long slide shaped like a snake and they can play on it for hours.

Emily on the rhino.

Taylor riding on the elephant trunk.

Poor Isaac has to be contained in his stroller the whole time we are at the zoo, luckily he loves to eat. So I just bring a lot of snacks to keep him happy.

Here's a happy Isaac riding his new toy. He loves to be outside and wants to be more independent, so this is the perfect toy for him. I am sad to see how fast he's growing up, I'm not ready for him to be walking!

Isaac loves his new forward facing car seat. Now he doesn't scream everytime I load him in the car.

Last weekend we went to the Living Aquarium with the kids. It was a lot of fun, and the kids were thrilled to have Dustin along with us. He is a great pseudo-uncle to Taylor, Emily and Isaac. We all love having him around.
So far living in Utah is going well, we are all still getting adjusted but life is great!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We celebrated Isaac's 1st birthday last weekend! We had a family party at Grandma Shields house. He had a good day and was in a great mood. He loved getting lots of attention from all the family. We just stripped him down and set him on the table so we could all watch him eat his cake.

We made him a cute caterpillar cake; thanks to Nat and Ally for the idea. He loved eating the cake and went crazy with both his hands.

Here is Isaac on his new bulldozer toy. He likes to get pushed around by Taylor and Emily.

We also celebrated by going to Chuck E Cheese with Aunt Natalie. The kids loved riding on the rides and playing games.

Isaac was sick last week. He had bronchiolitis along with a cold. We took him to the Dr. and they recommended getting a nebulizer to help with his breathing. He hates having to breath in the mask 4-5 times a day, but the treatment really helps his breathing. Luckily he is feeling better this week and is coughing a lot less.

We hope you had a wonderful Birthday, Isaac! We love you!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Turning one already!

Isaac is having his birthday next week. I am in shock that he is one already! This is has been such a fast year.
He was a sweet, happy boy even as a newborn baby. He loved to be held and usually liked his binki in his mouth. He hated driving in the car from the day he was born. It took him a few weeks to enjoy riding in his car seat, and he still throws a fit when we load him in the car.

This is Isaac's favorite place to be! He loves sitting in his high chair, eating a big meal. He will eat anything that crosses his tray. He has always had a big appetite and has never turned down a meal.

Issac loves to spend time outside. He likes going in his stroller, being in the backpack, or just sitting and enjoying being outdoors. During the winter he liked to be all bundled up and we would sit him on a sled and he would play in the snow while Taylor and Emily were sledding.
Lately he likes crawling around Grandma's tramp and getting bounced.

Isaac is crawling now and he loves to explore everything around him. He is happy to crawl around and open cupboards, pull plants over and eat anything that is on the ground.
We love having you in our family! Happy 1st Birthday Isaac!