Sunday, May 28, 2017

We were lucky enough to babysit Jane two times this week! She is the sweetest one year old, and always happy and smiley! Lizzie loved helping with her, and we had so much fun. 

Danny and the kids went fishing at Rockport Reservoir. They had tons of success catching rainbow trout! They caught over 40 fish, and had a great day! 

More pics with cute Jane! 

The kids had their Fun Run and Field Day at school on Friday. They ran hard,  ate a popsicle and then had a lot of fun activities for their field day. 

Emily went to Island Park with the Sargent family for the long weekend. She missed school but was having tons of fun at their cabin in ID. 

Taylor had his last Show Choir concert for the year. He had a hard  year with the teacher, Ms. Juarez, but I think he was happy to have participated in the choir. They sang "Africa"as one of their last songs, and it was very entertaining .
Also we let him drive home from the new gelato store "Sweetaly" on Friday night! It was scary but he did good. 

More cool pictures from they day fishing at Rockport! 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

This was a busy week. Taylor got his cast removed from his arm! He still needs to be a careful, but it's healing.
Danny bought his new fishing boat a couple of weeks ago, it has brought him and the kids endless happiness! They all love it! He took Taylor and Emily to Willard Bay to go fishing on Saturday. They left at 5am and had a fun day of fishing, I'm glad they enjoy it so much! 

Emily had her choir concert performance on Wednesday. She did great , but went back to class before I could get any pictures of her. So I grabbed on after school.  

The kids completed their cards to sell at art night. 

I bought a gallon of Elmer's Glue and the kids were thrilled to make homemade slime! They love this stuff, all of them. It's a fun project. 

We tried the new gelato place in our neighborhood.
Emily and her friends having fun dancing and playing together. 

Isaac and Lizzie both had soccer games on Saturday morning. They both played awesome! I am so proud of them.
Isaac scored a goal and so raced really hard this game. So we went to get milkshakes after, to celebrate!

Here are the rest of the fishing pictures! They had a great day and came home all happy. We even had fish tacos for dinner!
Yay for a terrific weekend! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Chicago and Mother's Day!

The kids had fun weekend with Natalie and Richie while Danny and I were in Chicago for a few days! They had a great time and had lots of fun with cousins. 

Danny had to go to Chicago for work, so I tagged along and it was SO fun! We flew there on Thursday and came home Sunday.  Thursday we checked into our hotel and went to dinner.
Friday morning we slept in, had breakfast, and then headed to the Pier to see the sights. 

There was so much to see, do and eat! It was a terrific weekend full of lots of fun! The weather was perfect, warm and sunny!
On Saturday we went on an architectural tour on the Chicago River. It was really interesting and so much fun. We really enjoyed every minute we had together. 

We saw all the sights, The Bean, Sears Tower, ate at "Shake Shack", tried the delicious carmel corn, deep dish pizza, hotdogs etc... We walked a lot every day, and it was really enjoyable. 

Thanks to everyone who watched our kids! We had a fabulous time! 

G & G Shields in Toronto are doing good. 

We flew home Sunday in time to celebrate Mothers Day with my four favorite kids!! They had made cards, notes, bookmarks, gifts etc.. I adore all of these kids so much. They bring me so much joy and happiness. 

Taylor bought me the new sun hat for mothers day and I love it! 

Taylor got his cast off today, and has to be careful for a while. He is good boy, but has a lot of accidents.