Friday, May 28, 2010

Tay's play-"Wombat Stew"

Taylor had his 1st grade play and presentation about Australia this week. The kids sang lots of songs, performed a play called "Wombat Stew" and reported lots of intersting facts about Australia.
taylor was SO excited about this day and had lots of fun. Here is picture of his friend and his teacher, Ms. Brown. He has had a fanastic school year and is sad to be done with 1st grade! He has learned so many things, and has done great in his work; especially reading and math. All the kids dressed up as different animals, Tay was assigned to be an Echidna. An Echinda is similar to a platupus, and has spikes on its back like a porcupine. This is what we came up with for the spikes on his back, and he was thrilled with it. They also made Australian instruments, Didjeridu's and painted them with toothpicks.
It was a great performance, and the kids all had so much fun! Taylor is growing up too fast, I can't believe he will be in 2nd grade soon! He is a sweet, sensitive, smart, fun boy and we are so lucky to have him in our family.

Here is what we woke up to on Monday morning, more snow! Hopefully that will be the last snowstorm until after the summer!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our weekend

We had a nice weekend; Taylor's rainy soccer game, going swimming at Fairmont, and watching little Turner.

Wish the weather would warm up, so it really feels like late Spring! Summer is coming, and it's cold!
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend with Grandma Deppe

We had a fabulous weekend, Grandma Deppe came to visit from Boise. We miss living near her and grandpa Deppe, so it was great to catch up and the kids loved having her stay at our house. The kids had fun playing games, reading books and showing her around their new house and neighborhood. She gave Emily a beautiful updo to wear to church.
On Saturday we spent the day at Tay's soccer game, going to the park and then we went up Millcreek Canyon for the afternoon and evening.
We had so much fun walking on the paths, playing in the river, fishing, enjoying the beautiful, warm weather and eating dinner with Smore's.

Emily eating her sticky Smore's, she loves treats!

Taylor caught three fish in the river, this was a brown trout. We kept it and cooked it over the fire. It tasted delicious, even Isaac liked the fish.

Danny taught the kids how to handle a fish, and get it ready to cook. It was gross and gory, but they loved watching.
Taylor loves snuggling with grandma, he misses the backrubs she would give him during church when we lived in Idaho.

Here's everyone roasting on the hot fire.
On Friday we went to the zoo, but it was rainy. We saw a few animals, played at the playground and then headed for home. It was still a great zoo trip, even if it was cold and wet.
Thanks for coming to visit, Grandma Deppe, we love you!

All About Isaac

I snapped these pics. of Isaac the other day, because he would not let me help him with his helmet.

That describes him perfectly these days; he really wants to be big, and do everything all by himself. He wants whatever Taylor and Emily have, and will cry and whine until he gets it. It's an exhausting age, but so much fun!

Mealtimes are such a joke: He hates using sippy cups and doesn't want me cut his food into small pieces. The other night we had taco's for dinner and I cut cheese, chicken, tomatoes etc.. and put them on his place. He looked around and saw what everyone else was eating and stood up on his seat and yelled "Isaac's taco!" over and over, until I made him his own taco. He wanted his own taco, not just the makings of one, on his plate.

We sure love this little guy, he keeps us laughing.

Mother's Day

We had a great Mother's Day last week. I was spoiled by flowers, breakfast in bed, good kids and a great husband! Taylor made these cute cards at school as well as a painted flower pot and a fairy house. It was a great day to appreciate my Mother and mother in law's; they are such wonderful women and good examples for me!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Month of May

We had a great week, but struggled with getting back into the routine of "real life" after our trip! Danny and I slept in both Mon. and Tues. and Taylor was late for school both days, but now we are back into our groove.

While we were gone Taylor lost another tooth, making him look really "toothless".
He is really trying hard to figure out who the toothfairy is, and whether she gives more money if your teeth are big etc.. He's asking tons of questions about the tooth fairy etc... Such a fun age! I love all his curiosity and his eagerness to learn.

This little guy has been so funny all week! He is so hard at meal times lately, he stands on our bench while eating. This day he was gorging himself on strawberries while I was cooking. I turned around and was shocked at how many he had eaten! He talks about himself in the 3rd person all, it's so adorable; "Isaac out" (when he wants out of his crib), "Isaaac turn", "Isaac's ball" etc.. It's too cute, such a great age as well.

We had tons of fun this week; Brett & Teresa and the kids were in town from Az. so we had a busy week with them.
Spencer and Isaac are so similar; they make the same grunts and groans, whine about the same stuff, and talk similar too! They got a long pretty well and had fun playing together.

We had Mary and Jeffrey over for a sleepover (on a school night)! It was lots of fun, here's a pic. of the sleepheads eating breakfast.

Here's the boys hanging out in Grandpa's truck, a favorite spot.

Playing at the park in the sunshine.

Everyone in the hot tub having fun!

Rebecca having fun in the water.
Emily and Mary are the best little cousins!

The boys making goofy faces.

What a great week, can't wait until B & T move back to Utah!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Kauai Trip!

We just returned from a fantastic vacation to the island of Kauai. We went with Danny's parents; Wendy & Tom and we had such a fun trip. It was nice to be without our kids( although we did miss them) it was so relaxing to be alone, and not have to worry about anything.
We spent our time in Kauai doing so many fun things; surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, hiking, paddle boarding, laying out in the sun, eating delicious sea food, body surfing, going on a boat tour, seeing lots of animals and wildlife etc... Kauai is such a beautiful, green, lush island.

We took tons of pictures but here are a few of the highlights.
There are roosters, and chicken all over the island. They would start crowing at 5am, it was our tropical alarm clock!

We had so many delicious meals, but this was one of our favorite restuarants. It was a Mediterranean place with yummy food. We ordered "The Seafood Tower", and it was so good! It was a tower of grilled Ahi tuna, shrimp, scallops and pineapple on top of mashed potatoes. Plus they great Pita and hummus (one of my favorite's).

One day we toured a chocolate farm. We saw all kinds of bamboo, interesting fruits and vegetables and saw the chocolate trees. Then we tasted 11 different kinds of dark chocolate from all over the world.

Danny rented a surf board for the whole week and was able to go surfing every day. He was in heaven! Tom and I tried surfing too, but we didn't get any pics. The waves were perfect and the water was so warm.

One day we went on a boat to see the Na Pali Coast, which is inaccessible by car. It was a nice calm day on the ocean and we saw whales, dolphins and sea turtles from the boat. We went in to caves, saw lots of water falls and the beautiful Na Pali coast. We got out at a big coral reef and snorkeled with giant sea turtles and tons of fish.

We spent lots of time relaxing in the sun at the beach. The weather was perfect; warm and sunny all week!

Here's Danny loading the surf board on the car.

We went to Anini Beach one day to snorkel and it was so empty. We had almost the whole, huge beach to ourselves. So we stayed and hung out in the sun, we all took naps too!

Here's a great pic. of the gorgeous scenery we saw from the boat of the Na Pali coast. It was breathtaking, the pictures don't even do it justice. !

Here's one of the caves we saw while on the boat. I love the color of the water, it's so blue.

We hiked in to Lumahai beach one day, it was a gorgeous beach, with lots of volcanic rocks. We swam and body surfed and then hiked around on the rocks exploring the ride pools full of fish and crabs.

GOTTA LOVE sandy feet! Along with sandy towels, shorts, swimsuits, shoes, books, car, and hair. We were sandy, salty and gritty all week and we loved it! Danny didn't want to shower when it was time to come home, he wanted to leave his skin salty, to remind him of the ocean.

One day we rented Paddle boards, and went in Hanalei Bay and in the river nearby. It was lots of fun, but hard to balance, when the waves came up from behind. I fell a few times, and felt a little uncoordinated in the ocean. But I liked going in the river it was more calm and it was relaxing to be out in the water.

We spent a couple days at Ke'e beach, another great spot for snorkeling and swimming. We bought a giant coconut from a local Hawaiian, and drank the milk. Then he chopped it in half and we ate all the yummy coconut flesh. We tried another local fruit, the "mountain apple". It was sweet and had pure white fruit inside. We loved it.

Here we are getting ready to snorkel at one of our favorite beaches, Tunnels Beach. It has lots of great snorkeling areas, and big waves for surfing too. I was a little nervous here, because a Tiger Shark was here last week, and took a big bite of a surfer's board. I am terrfied of sharks.

We spent a lot of time underwater snorkeling. We saw tons of fish and other interesting underwater creatures. I loved seeing the sea turtles, they are so cool to watch surf the waves.

We really want to thank G & G Shields, Natalie, Mono etc.. for watching our kids for 10 days while we were gone. We appreciate it so much!

Also Thanks to Tom and Wendy for inviting us, it was wonderful.

We can't wait to take another trip, it was such a great vacation!

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