Sunday, March 30, 2014

We had Sunday dinner at G & G Shields house last week. We were lucky enough to have Great Grandma Shields there too! She gives all the great grandchildren a crisp $2.00 bill for their birthday. Isaac was thrilled to get some cash for is big day.

All the kids went in the basement and came upstairs all dressed up in these hideous outfits! They had a play they wanted to share with everyone. But we couldn't stop laughing at their horrible clothes, espcially Taylor and Jeffrey! Ha ha!

Here's a bit more of the play.

It was a rainy week which is perfect  for Lizzie because she LOVES her umbrella. She carries it all over. This funny picture cracks me up! It's from a website of back haircuts from the 80's that Colton sent to me. I laughed so hard looking at these awful pictures.

Sometimes Taylor likes to pretend he's still small and sit in my lap. He is too big and bony to sit there for very long!  I can't believe how quickly he is growing up.

The kids earned a free dinner from the Spaghetti Factory for competing their reading all month at school. So we went for dinner on Thursday night. G & G Shields joined us there and it was a fun dinner with yummy food.

Friday night we went to Brett and Teresa's house for Henry's birthday party. He's is one year old and so cute! We had a yummy dinner, good treats and a fun night!

Henry was a little overwhelmed by all the kids and attention. It was fun night! We love living near cousins.

The kids all hopped in Brett's hot tub.

Saturday after the soccer games, errands etc... we headed downtown for the General Women's Conference. Girls who are 8 years old are invited to attend so I got take Emily. 

We went with Natalie, Monica, Teresa, Mary and Grandma Shields. It was beautiful on Temple square and fun to see all the women going to the Conference Center.

Mary and Emily were cute and so excited for the meeting.

Here's cute Emily!

The meeting was fabulous. So many wonderful messages from the general Primary, YW and Relief Society presidents as well as from Elder Eyring. I am so happy we got to go and listen to these inspires messages and learn from them.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

We started the week off with St Patricks Day. I wasn't very organized to do anything too festive or fun. Emily looked cute in all green though!

Isaac went to the toy store and chose a nerf gun to spend his bday money on. He was thrilled with his purchase and loves his new toy.
Lizzie thinks she is so funny wearing my big boots. She can't walk in them and loves to try anyway.
She is starting to get potty trained. Lizzie is extremely strong willed and stubborn and won't do things unless she wants to. She got all excited about potty training and did good for a half a day.
Then the next day she confessed to me
"I wish I was still two, I don't want to be three." Ha Ha I think she's tired of people talking to her about getting potty trained, and she doesn't want to do it. She needs a potty training boot camp, because I don't know what to do with her!

The girls had fun taking pictures on my phone.

I had a few errands to run at the City Creek Mall this week. Luckily Isaac and Lizzie were well behaved and then we headed to the playland at the mall. It's a lot of fun, I dragged them out when it was time to take Isaac to school.

We had a fun weekend. Danny and I had a date night Friday night.
Saturday we did chores, ran errands, the boys went skiing at Alta, while I stayed home with the girls.
Saturday night we went to the wedding reception for Dalton and Madison. It was a fun party, full of family and yummy coldstone ice cream.

We ended the night with a gorgeous sunset and Danny spotting his dream car at a nearby restaurant. We can't wait for next weekend!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Trip to Arizona

We just got back from a wonderful weekend in sunny Arizona. We flew to Phoenix Thursday afternoon and spent the weekend at Mike and Erin's house in Scottsdale.
Thanks to G & G Shields for keeping our kids all weekend. They love staying there and didn't miss us at all!

We had lots of fun- hiking, eating at yummy restuarants, hiking, swimming, sitting in the hot tub, fishing, shopping etc... It was a fabulous weekend, lots of fun and very relaxing! It was so great to see everyone and get to hold little Eden. She is so adorable!

The hike was fun, the dessert is beautiful! We played a really fun card game Friday night. Everyone had a blast, and laughed really hard.

Mike and Erin have a beautiful house and they were such great hosts! We made delicious pizzas one night and homemade icecream which was so yummy!

It was hard to leave warm Arizona. We had so much fun with everyone. So great to spend a whole weekend together.
Thanks to Mike and Erin for everyting!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Isaac!  He had his birthday last week and turned six. He started his day early with waffles for breakfast. After that Goofy grandpa stopped by to give him a bday gift. He gave Isaac a cool remote control helicopter, which he loved!

We had a fun day of festivities- we met Monica and her girls at McDonalds for lunch. The kids played and ate food. Then at school he took gold coins for the other kids to get ready for St. Patricks days. After school we hung around and played with friends. For dinner he wanted grilled cheese/tomato soup and chocolate cake. It was a fun, easy dinner that all the kids loved. After dinner we opened gifts, had cake and ice cream and had a party!

We love Isaac and are so grateful he is in our family. You are such a good boy and a fun part of our family.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Here's Lizzie in bed with her toy of the day, a giant keyboard. She borrowed it from our neighbors house and insisted on sleeping with it that night. She called it her "puter"

We were lucky enough to have cousin Hannah over one day. She loved being a big girl and sitting at the table eating lunch.  Hannah is a sweet, adorable girl. Lizzie loved helping her and having her at our house to play.

Taylor and I had a "man-date" this week. We went on a couple errands, and got stuff done then went to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. Taylor is a good boy and quickly growing up. We have been at odds quite a bit lately, so it was great to have fun and just chat about life etc...

Friday we had the day off of school so we went skiing at Alta.  We really worked hard at helping Emily and Taylor improve their skiing. They did great! We had a fabulous day and enjoyed spending time all together on the mountains.
Thanks to Monica for keeping Lizzie all day!

Here's my little ski buddy, Emily. She had a great day of skiing, and really improved.
I've been looking through pictures of Isaac because his birthday is next week. He was the most adorable baby and toddler! I can't believe he's going to be six next week.

Can't wait for Spring, we hope it's a warm spring!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our little Lizzie turned three on Tuesday!  She was so excited for her birthday, she's been talking about it for weeks. She had this bday hat and chose to wear her "special Cheetah" dress for the occasion. Here's Elizabeth eating breakfast, Lucky Charms on her big day.

I indulged Lizzie with a trip to Toys R Us for her to choose her bday present. She chose this "Sophia the First" dress. She has been begging for this dress for a while now, and was so happy to buy it. She put it on right in the store and she felt pretty.
Then we went to lunch at Chick Fil A. She had a "Spicy drink" which is Sprite or RootBeer.

It was unusually warm that day so after lunch we went to the park to play for a while. It felt so nice to be outside in the sunshine. Lizzie loves the swings2!

After her naptime/rest time-I can't tell if she really sleeps lately, but she stays in her room quietly Cousin Allison stopped by to give Lizzie a bday gift. These two cute girls are only one week apart.

Later that night we had a bday dinner of pasta and salad, opened gifts, sang Happy Birthday and ate Pink cake with Pink frosting. Lizzie was very specific about the cake. She loved it all, and had a fun night celebrating with her family.

Can't believe our baby is three years old!
Here's three things we love about Lizzie:
 - She loves and admires all her older siblings. Everyday when we drop Isaac off at Kindergarten she sighs in her carseat and says "I miss Isaac" it's so adorable!
-She's a huge daddy's girl, she choses Danny over me everyday. She loves spending time with her daddy and things he's the greatest!
-Lizzie loves to eat! Her favorite foods lately are hummus and pita, salad, all kinds of berries and fruit, plus regular kid food like pizza, mac n' cheese etc... This girl can eat- she never misses a meal or a snack.

After we'd cut the cake Taylor had his face smashed in it by Danny. Tay loved it and thought it was hilarious. Gross cake was everywhere.

We had Lizzies playschool at our house on Wednesday. We really a bunch of books about animals, made animal noises, played zoo, had feeding time at the zoo, did animal relays etc.. The kids loved these animal masks, and had fun pretending to be animals.

Here's the whole group, they are cute kids! It's been a fun year doing play school with Lizzie and her friends.

Here's Lizzie playing with her new puppy she got for her bday.
We love our girl Elizabeth! She makes us laugh everyday. She is a fiesty, spoiled, adorable, smart girl. We are so grateful she's in our family.