Sunday, May 31, 2015

Danny and I went camping this weekend to celebrate his birthday.
We went to the San Rafael Swell in central Utah.
It was an amazing place to see and so, so gorgeous!

We camped right on the rim of the "Little Grand Canyon". It was scary how close to the edge of the cliff we were camping. We left the kid at grandma's which  was good because it would be stressful camping there with kids. The scenery was spectacular!
Red rocks, high cliffs, and beautiful clouds. 

We left Friday afternoon, got to the site, set up camp and hiked around a bit. We made a fire, ate dinner, and relaxed.
There was an amazing sunset that night. 

Saturday we slept in, and then went on a bike ride. The trail follows the rim of the canyon, and it was a really cool trail. Rocky and a little scary in parts, but really fun. We saw cool cactuses, animals and saw other parts of the gigantic canyon. 

We packed up camp later in the day and then drove around to see a few other things including these cool indian drawings on the rocks.
It was a wonderful, fun weekend and a perfect way to celebrate Danny's 39th birthday!
Happy Birthday Danny, Love you!

Here's some pictures from our Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day Fun! 

Bday celebration pics!

Lizzie grew out of her Balance bike, so we got out emily's bike, put the training wheels on and off she went. Hopefully she'll be riding with out training wheels soon. 

We spent an afternoon the pool on Memorial Day with friends. We have a pool membership this year and are hoping on having Lots of pool days.
We had a BBQ at G & G Shields house for May birthdays.
May birthdays are Danny, Monica & Richie.
The kids all took turns licking the ice cream beater, it was lemon ice cream, yummy!
Lizzie and her friend dressing up were hilarious. 

Emily brought home all of her art from school. She is talented at art and had some really cool projects. 

Taylor had a school play this week. They performed "Honk" which is the story of the Ugly Duckling.
He sang and did a great job. Lizzie loves all of his friend and they all wanted her in their pictures. 

Isaac had the cutest "Seasons" program at school this week.
His class had learned poems and songs about Spring.
They also sang "The Cat Came Back" which is a family favorite from 30 years ago when I was at Uintah. He's a cute little 7 year old!

This is the last week of School!
We're ready and happy about summer!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lizzie had her preschool program this week. She had an adorable "Mother Goose" program, and she was Jill, from Jack & Jill.
She sang and danced and had so much fun with her cute preschool friends. 

She chose her own "Jill" dress and matching pail for her performance. She is a cutie and I love her enthusiasm and joy for such small events in her life. 

We went to the Payson Temple open this week. This temple is so gorgeous and spectacular! It was really great to take the kids inside the temple to see the gorgeous rooms and feel the special spirit that resides there. 

We had a great time together. 

More preschool pictures and playdate fun!

On Saturday Danny and Emily built Joey, the rabbit a new cage. This is tall and big and joey will be very happy in it! Emily adores her little rabbit, and they have a cute bond together.

Isaac has had really fun Spring playing baseball. He is improving a lot and really having fun with his friends on the team as well. We like going and seeing him play!

Lots more pictures from the beautiful temple. 

We ate at a yummy japanese restaurant, with autentic ramen. The kids all loved it!
Only 2 more weeks of school! We can't wait for summer to start!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Isaac has been playing baseball this Spring. He has had a fun season and is improving each game. This is a cute bunch of boys and they look so adorable in their tiny baseball uniform.
Go Orioles!

We went to BYU to watch Natalie run at a track meet. It was an exciting, fun filled event, and it ended with pouring rain and a huge thunder storm. 

We had a big Shields Fan Club cheering Natalie on while she ran. 

Lizzie still loves her swimming class. She's so cute when she swim alone like a big kid. 

We had a leak in our basement this week. Our gutters weren't working right, its been raining every single day and it started to leak in our basement.
It's a big disaster right now and hopefully we get it all back to normal soon. 

Emily had a fun, rainy soccer game yesterday. She is getting great at soccer and really has a great time with her friends too. 

Sunday we went to the blessing of
Jack Woodruff Shields. He is such a sweet, smiley baby. It was fun to see them and say goodbye. Colton & Megan are moving to Arizona this week. We are really going to miss them!

Danny is traveling for work this week. He will be gone for 8 days. He was able to Spend time with Katie & Adam in Palo Alto. He also got to see his friend Chey from growing up. They hadnt't seen each other in 20 years.
Later in the week he met up with Mike, Erin and Skylar. It was good for him to see family and friends on his work related trip.

While he was gone Taylor had a huge Country Report due at school. He chose to research the Cook Islands, and I helped him a little to get his report competed.
Everyone has spring fever, and really wants to be done with homework, projects etc...
We can't wait for summer!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lizzie is coming along with her swimming lessons, She is really making great progress!

We went to Allison's dance recital this week. Alli did a fabulous job dancing and Lizzie had fun cheering her on. They're cute girls and good friends. 

This weekend was fun, rainy and busy. We had a wonderful time celebration Mother's Day. The kids and Danny spoiled me with a delicoius breakfast, cards, presents, homemade crafts and Taylor spoke in Sacramrent Meeting. It was a terrific day!
I count my blessings every single day that I get to be a mother to these 4 great kids! I love them dearly. 

Cute kids!

Lizzie is really into crafts lately. She likes cutting, gluing, drawing,  writing, coloring and doing stickers. She keeps busy for a long time working at all of this.
She made me the cutest card at preschool, and said she like to play with me!

Emily and I had a fun Mother/daughter activity at the church on Friday. Her friend are good girls and she has a lot of fun with them. 

Here are a few of my fantastic Mother's Day gifts, pictures and flowers! 

Because it's Mother's Day and I get to choose what to do I took lots and lots of pictures of the kids. They didn't love it, but they cooperated.