Thursday, June 29, 2017

We had a fun night at Cowabunga bay with our orthodontic office etc.. They had rented the whole water park, and had dinner for all the patients. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved it!
Isaac and Lizzie went to a fun neighborhood party earlier in the day with "minute to win it" games! 

The favorite thing at the water park was the massive bucket that dumps water on everyone! The kids loved going under it and getting drenched. 

The next night we headed up to Affleck Park campground to have a smores party with Taylors mountain bike team. They all did a ride in the mountains and then came back for roasting smores at the campsite. It was a gorgeous night in the mountains. 

Wednesday we had a pool swimming day with cousins! We all met at the Tennis Club in SLC to swim. The kids loved diving, swimming and playing with the cousin etc.. What a party! That night we had a YM/YW service auction/dinner/fundraiser to earn money for the youth trips in our ward! It was fun night and Isaac bought a Tuba from the auction. He was SO excited and has been playing it, but he can't even hold it up by himself. 

Our neighbors built a pool in the backyard and it is SO beautiful and tons of fun!

Summer is the best! 

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