Sunday, June 18, 2017

Great Grandma Shields had a big birthday party to celebrate her 90th bday! We had fun with family and loved spending time with grandma!!!

We had a big party at the Orem Institute with cousins, aunts, uncles, etc... We had dinner, a short program and celebrated Grandma's 90 years and lots of posterity. 

Isaac had a busy week. He went to southern Utah with a friend to dig for fossils. he had a blast there all day, working hard to find all the rocks with fossils. Isaac loves this kind of stuff and had a really great time!
Then 2 days this week he went to Cub Scout Camp up Millcreek Canyon with his wolf den. He had fun shooting bows & arrows, learning and spending time in the canyon.
We went to Chuck e Cheese one day too, to have some fun. The kids love it there! 

Lot of summer fun this week!
Emily and her friends made lots of slime~
Lizzie did swim team and learned how to do her strokes better, and also how to dive off the diving board! She is a great swimmer!
Emily went to a fun party and dressed with her friends. Tons of Summer fun! 

Thursday and Friday we had a wonderful time at the wedding of Spencer & Emily Randall. They had an amazing Luau for wedding dinner and then the sealing was Friday morning. Then we went to their reception on Friday night.  It was a beautiful event, and lots of fun! 

Today we're celebrating Father's Day!  Taylor spoke in church and gave a terrific talk. Then the kids sang about their dads and we spoiled Danny all day long; breakfast in bed, gifts, relaxing and spending time with him.

We LOVE you Danny! Thanks for making our lives so great! 

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